Who can apply?

Students applying directly to the second (and last) year of the Master typically own a Master 1 degree either in Economics, Business Administration or Law. Students from other disciplines of social sciences can also apply if they have a strong motivation to acquire or deepen their understanding of the methods of economic analysis.

More generally, students in possession of any of the following degrees may be admitted to the programme after audition:
Master 1 (first year of Master) in Economics or Business Administration
Master 1 (first year of Master) in Mathématiques Appliquées aux Sciences Sociales or from the French Grandes Ecoles
Master 1 (first year of Master) in Law with a well constructed research project including economic analysis
Students who already hold a Master and wish to diversify their curriculum
Foreign students who have the equivalent of four years of study at University level (preferably in economics, law or other social science discipline)