Program Master BLE

Teaching language

The Research Master / M2 BLE  is entirely taught in English. Students have the choice between French and English for the examinations (oral and written) and the thesis.

Classes will start around the 1st of September.

Semester 1 (September-March)

UE 1 Methods (6 credits)
– Advanced Microeconomics 15h
– Epistemology 15h
– Business Ethics 15h

UE 2 Public Choice and Regulation (6 credits)
– Public Choice 15h
– Regulation and Dynamic Efficiency 15h

UE 3 Law and Economics 1 (6 credits)
– Topics in the Economics of Public Law 15h
– Topics in the Economics of Civil Law  15h

UE 4 Entrepreneurship and Market Strategies  (6 credits)
– Entrepreneurship, the dynamic of markets and economic development 15h
– Platform-Strategy: new patterns of international trade 15h
– Business strategies in the economics of information era 15h

Semester 2 (April-June)

UE 5 Law and Economics 2 (6 credits) in association with Erasmus Mundus students
– New Trends in Law and Economics 20h
– A Dynamic Approach to Law and Economics 20h

UE 6 Master Thesis (18 credits)

UE 7 General Issues in Social Sciences (6 credits)

Research Seminars and Invited Professors